Back in the Day

In 5th grade my teacher Mr. Yure made us get up in  front of the entire class and he’d ask us a trivia question about geography to get one of those crappy sticker star that you get at the gas station.  I hated this part of the day, most of the time i would try to leave and camp out in the bathroom till the whole thing was over, but today he caught me.  “Austin…what language is spoken in Mexico?”.  I panicked, everyone was looking at me, oh my god oh my god, holy shit, uhhh, i was sweating, i blanked…”uhh Mexican?”  As you guys can guess everybody started laughing and i dragged myself back to my seat and tried to muscle through the rest of the day without crawling into a hole in the sandbox, i felt like i was dying a very very slow death.  Anyway I guess im telling you this story because this is probably why i have such a problem with a personal blog dedicated for Austin and her thoughts.  I dont really feel that comfortable talking about what is on my mind for others to read and critique (i mean, who am i?).  But im gonna give it a shot, i figure its not 5th grade anymore.  So this blog is a way for me and others to battle through…together.  I’m really not that complicated…soon you’ll understand.


4 responses to “Back in the Day

  1. i’m glad you’re giving it a shot!

    and btw – that’s an excellent story to convey your feelings about blogging. nice writing.

  2. Just thinking you could dedicate your blog for a while on all the things that generally make you uncomfortable. I realize since you might be uncomfortable just talking about the uncomfortable, the whole situation might become awkwardly ironic..but maybe not. Maybe you will connect with so many people on things that make you all uncomfortable that you become comfortable sharing things about yourself, in which case you could start a new blog. Maybe?

  3. well, austin…hopefully you will feel more comfortable in the blogosphere…Two things to say…first of all, I can speak for myself and I’m sure for everyone else in Digital Journalism when I say that you should feel comfortable with us. We have all been thrown in this together, and together we shall stay. I think we all share this anxiety at least to some extent so just know that ur not alone…second, the good thing about blogging is that you can say anything you want (relatively) anonymously. I see that you have your full name fixed to your blog, but even so at least you don’t have to worry about face-to-face interactions….relax and go with the flow…. 🙂

  4. Nice first post. Your blog looks pretty slick, and didn’t sound dumb in the least. . . So far so good!

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