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The aftermath

On Valentine’s day i went to an event on campus (at the University of San Francisco). This event was actually for the history of South Africa class that i am currently taking and focussed on the elections that just took place in Kenya. The elections were such a controversial issue because they were obviously corrupt and rigged. 90% of people that were eligible to vote did, and the majority did NOT vote for Mwai Kibaki who has been the Kenyan president for the past five years and was re-elected for another term. The results took three days to be revealed, so by the third day people were fed up and political unrest heightened.

Wanjiru Kamau-Ruttenberg, who spoke at the event is ethnic minority teacher and has her own organization dedicated to helping the Kenyan political process. She was there when the riots broke out in Kenya over the rigged elections and hearing her first hand experience truly affected everyone present. She dedicates her life to bring justice to those who dont have the means or education to fight for themselves. I have posted a link to her website below. There is also a flickr account link with photos to get a more in depth view of the corruption that is being experienced in Kenya.

And we thought Bush was bad?