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The Blue Danube

A mish-mash of comfortable, worn-in thrift store furniture, tables topped with colorful paintings and rotating art on the walls give The Blue Danube a homey vibe. A chalkboard lists coffee and tea drinks, along with breakfast wraps and thick sandwiches like the rosemary chicken on focaccia. A more leisurely pace prevails at night, when locals filter in to chat over pints or cocktails. Once in a while a local band or friends of the owners (Sandy and Jimmy, which are two of the kindest human beings I have ever encountered) come in and play music while people snack on carrot cake and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Not only is The Blue Danube a nice place to chill, people watch, get some work done and grab a quick bite to eat but its also a cool place to hit up if you are bored. In the back right corner of the cafe there are about 20 journals on a bookshelf. Random people have poured their deepest secrets, their hearts, poems, stories and funnies into these journals for the world to see and enjoy. Its kind of like old fashioned blogging. Check this place out on Clement street between 4th and 5th street. (check out the map) Its one of the oldest cafes in San Francisco so they must be doing something right!

I didnt have time to put up the pictures, but ill update you when they are on flickr.