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Dinner Documentation

After I finished my aerobics class at Koret gym I decided to walk to Trader Joe’s and pick up some food for dinner.  I was in the mood for something light, refreshing especially because the gym was about 90 degrees and I just got done sweating for an hour.  As I strolled through the market I started craving Caprese salad.  I picked up some some fresh basil, mozzarella, and some cherry tomatoes, (i like using cherry tomatoes rather than normal sized tomatoes because I think they are more flavorful, they might not look as pretty on the plate but they definitely taste better, and thats what matters right?).  I also picked up a baguette, and a cheap bottle of red wine.  


I arrived home and took out all the ingredients and put them on my kitchen table.


So next I washed the basil and the tomatoes


I am one of those people that has to eat when I am cooking, I always pick at the food  that is being prepared (i usually get kicked out of the kitchen for this).  So I decided to have some bread with olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.  


Chopped the tomatoes in thirds, sliced the mozzarella and added lots and lots of basil.  


My cat Smalls is obsessed with me and has to be everywhere I am, he sniffed out my salad and passed, earlier that day he brought a mouse head into the house, he was so proud.  


For dessert I had sliced mango with fresh squeezed lime juice, my roomate Cinthia put me onto this, she puts lime juice and hot sauce on absolutely everything.  Its delicious and adds a little kick to such a sweet fruit.  


Ok so I know that my meal is extremely simple but thats how I eat, I don’t cook extravagant meals with a lot of components and after a long hot day it was the perfect light lovely meal.


March 16th 2009

So on Monday March 16th I had a busy day, for my ESF class I have been instructed to document what I eat throughout the entire day.  I got up early and went to work I usually have toast in the morning but we were out of butter so I grabbed two oranges and ran out the door to catch the 38BX.  dscn04601

I always have a Peppermint Stick Luna Bar between breakfast and lunch


I got out of work at around 2:00 and picked up Subway, Veggie Delight! Mmmmm good.


Then I was off to school to sit through my senior seminar, sucked on sour jolly ranchers to keep me from falling asleep (it works for me).  


My class finally ended, I went to the gym, and when I arrived home my roommates had wine, various cheeses and salami awaiting.  Dinner is served!  It was amazing.  


I took the assignment pretty literally, I picked a day, wrote down what I ate and took some pictures a long the way.  Now, today is St. Pattys and I am very Irish so its time to enjoy green beer and potatoes!