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March 16th 2009

So on Monday March 16th I had a busy day, for my ESF class I have been instructed to document what I eat throughout the entire day.  I got up early and went to work I usually have toast in the morning but we were out of butter so I grabbed two oranges and ran out the door to catch the 38BX.  dscn04601

I always have a Peppermint Stick Luna Bar between breakfast and lunch


I got out of work at around 2:00 and picked up Subway, Veggie Delight! Mmmmm good.


Then I was off to school to sit through my senior seminar, sucked on sour jolly ranchers to keep me from falling asleep (it works for me).  


My class finally ended, I went to the gym, and when I arrived home my roommates had wine, various cheeses and salami awaiting.  Dinner is served!  It was amazing.  


I took the assignment pretty literally, I picked a day, wrote down what I ate and took some pictures a long the way.  Now, today is St. Pattys and I am very Irish so its time to enjoy green beer and potatoes!